Why is no one with a media audience questioning the WMD theory?

Everyone I’ve seen on the news seems to assume that we will invade Iraq. The excuse is that he has “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, and no one questions that statement!

The truth is that we don’t really know that Iraq has any such thing. Our intelligence services say they think it does, but our intelligence services don’t have an exactly stellar record for being right, and the information on which opinions are based may well be 20 years old. No one asks them to date any of their information. They thought they could catch Osama bin Laden too, but they still don’t know where he is or even if he’s alive or dead.

Given that the basic premise for an attack is questionable, there is little doubt that Saddam Hussein is a nasty man, but that hasn’t stopped us from supporting him as well as other nasty men around the world who have also “disappeared” their own people when it was convenient for us to do so.

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