Private peccadillos versus public Constitutional disasters.

Or am I just rationalizing?

Americans have a hypocritical self-righteous puritanism at the root of their characters that makes them love to point accusing fingers at the slip-ups of others.  Lots of us have affairs with partners not our wives or husbands and think little of the deceit and manipulation involved, yet a President is “held to a higher standard”.  Why?

Our presidents are “of the people”.  They have the same weaknesses as the rest of us.  Now that their privacy is almost totally unprotected in this so-called “information age”, their foibles are bound to be publicly exposed.  It doesn’t seem to prevent our leaders from following their impulses.

The liaison between Clinton and Lewinsky didn’t alter his governing abilities and efforts.  Northern Ireland got quiet, Bosnia calmed down to a tolerable simmer.  Iraq and Saddam were contained.  North Korea went non-nuclear, and Palestinian-Israeli peace was almost achieved.  But the politics of envy set in, and off went the press and Republican pols on the moralizing finger-pointing jag to smear the guy in power and ruin whatever future he might have.

And the result?  A President , not elected, but designated by the Supreme Court because of questionable election practices, a “Christian” Administration that prays together every day, yet justifies pre-emptive attacks contrary to long American tradition and International Law, and manufactures the “Axis of Evil” out of thin shreds of unverifiable and unreliable evidence and rushes off to an unprovoked attack on a non threatening country, that has frightened North Korea and Iran into restarting nuclear programs, and began a long, mostly secret attack on American Civil liberties they are sworn to protect in the name of national safety.

A mistaken belief that American was changed forever by 9/11.  Held only by the seriously frightened folks in the Administration?

June 27 -Common Sense.  What is that?  It has certainly seldom governed our Middle East policies.  Short term convenience and expediency have seemed the general rule.

There are simply too many details that we do not know, did not know for the Bushies to go off half-cocked as they assuredly did on Iraq.  We need to know whether they “bent” intelligence to suit the aim of overthrowing Saddam, or, worse, if that the intention to overthrow from the outset, before 9/11 and used intelligence “findings” to support that pre-determined conclusion.

Tonight CNN runs recap footage of the war, but asks no hard questions.  They seem to be promoting the Bushie agenda.  If the attacker had been Clinton, just think what a storm of questions would have been raised!

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