Dean is Right

We are really no safer than we were before this “capture”.

When he said that the capture of Saddam Hussein made us no safer, Dean hit the Truth nail on the head in spite of all the howls of criticism that remark has produced.  If we were safer, how come the bumbling Office of Home Security has raised the alert level to Orange?  Why did we prevent the flights from Paris to Los Angeles from taking off?  Why all the noise about dangerous intelligence “chatter” publicly spouted by Washington if we’re safer?  Specific information about plane hijackings in France to be used in the US is hardly a condition of safety.

Why should thousands of innocent Iraqis die to make us just as insecure as we were before 9/11?  It doesn’t help when people like Rumsfeld make remarks such as the one he made at a news conference that he’d rather fight terrorists in Iraq than at home.  Nonsense like that is not only extremely cynical, but ignorant of the facts that the guerillas in Iraq have little or nothing to do with the Al-Qaeda terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center.

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