The Dean Effect

Things look pretty bad for Howard Dean right now. John Kerry has won primaries in both Iowa and New Hampshire, and it begins to look as though there could be a possible Kerry-Edwards ticket in November. Howard Dean may have burned himself out in the fight against Gephart in Iowa, and with his own unfortunate words about Southerners who drive pickups with the Confederate Flag on them, the scream which the media was shocked by and distorted (I thought it was funny) by omitting any facts about the noise of the crowd blocked by the Governor’s one-was microphone. (The Bush friendly media really don’t like Dean or anyone who questions their comfortable world view.)

Whatever the results are in November, Dean has made Americans finally wake up to the fact that the Bushies didn’t know as much as they insisted they did about Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction; that the Bushies took us and others into a totally unnecessary war for all the wrong reasons, and they have carelessly created a huge debt burden for future generations to shoulder without having much visible effect on the economy.

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