Something Fishy?

Something about the Strauss-Kahn news just doesn’t smell right. Why is the NYT now saying that the victim lacks credibility? What they cite doesn’t really seem to amount to much, and has nothing to do with the present case. A connection with a man imprisoned for marijuana possession, seems too minor for her suddenly to be accused of lying all over the place.

It sound more to me like someone high up is bringing pressure on the prosecution to allow Strauss-Kahn to go free. Just because the lady doesn’t always tell the whole truth doesn’t mean that assault didn’t happen, nor does it give others the right to smear her.

I don’t think we have all the facts, and I think the news media is being just as irresponsible now as they may have been when they placed Strauss-Kahn under house arrest. The NYT and NPR really ought to do more checking before them come out with sensational stuff like this.

If the victim were a white American, would the prosecution and the media have gone after her like this? What was said in her conversation with the guy in prison? If Strauss-Kahn has been a philanderer in the past, why should he now be believed? What is the real explanation behind the apparent mismatch between the asylum documents and what the victim has said? Intimidation is bound to figure in an attempt to get her to recant and drop the charges. Haven’t women of all colors and races suffered enough of this sort of thing like rape and sexual assault in recent years? Where are all the female voices of disgust at the outrageous overblown publicity?

If this were some African country, I would say that there is probably money involved here between some of the parties and the prosecution. How far away is the US from that kind of law enforcement? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time here that money and power have exerted influence that has allowed persons involved in criminal acts to escape justice.

The media frenzy needs to come to an end. They don’t really know what they’re talking about, and of course, neither do I. We weren’t there in the room to witness. Judgement should be left to the court. We can only pray that Mr. Vance will allow the legal process to take its course based on the evidence and not on any of the extraneous so-called “facts”.

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