Welcome to our new nasty world!

Obama gave in.  The Tea Party can jump for joy, and then remember that what they’ve done will affect them as much as the rest of us.  I first saw this video at moveon.org.  It was made by a teacher at Kahn Academy a website that is a treasure trove for us folks in education.  I have used it for K-8 math a lot. It explains the difference between the Deficit and the Debt Ceiling in a way that is easily understood.  Have a look:

It’s a little long, but it explains very clearly how we got where we are, and perhaps, why President Obama finally gave in to what is a really bad deal for the country.  You can see how unhappy he is with the situation in this picture that I “borrowed” from the NewRepublic’s newsletter.

That is one very tired and discouraged gentleman!  And well he might be, since who knows if either the full Senate or House with OK the deal.  The so-called TeaParty politicians seem to have a special talent for upping the ante and making a really terrible problem even worse.  They have already managed to damage out standing with the rest of the world and are on their way to making the Great Recession return with a vengeance.  Hang on to your hats!  And your pennies.

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