A Warning

A warning for those of us in the middle class who are thinking about voting in November for our choice for President. Politics may be riddled with money on all sides these days with politicians paid to do the work for their wealthiest supporters. What if those wealthy supporters have only one thing in mind – to enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary people, those “small people” as Strauss-Kahan put it so disdainfully. “Creative Destruction”, that ungodly buzzword invented by corporate raiders may well to out to have been a big step on a path that returns to the master-serf relationships of the middle ages. It would be useful to keep the following elegant political ad in mind, even if it was created for Newt Gingrich’s super pac:

I know it’s long at 28 minutes, but it’s also more like a documentary than a political ad, and we need to listen to the heartbreak of the ordinary folks and how it contrasts with Romney’s obvious rich man’s uncaring attitude toward the people in his audiences and those whose lives he destroyed.
I’d also recommend Frank Riche’s article of June 17 that appeared in the New York Magazine, “Nuke ‘Em”. I’m old enough to remember that ad and the visceral fear it produced in us along with Goldwater’s outrageous statements. Rich goes for the pure emotional shock of that ad urging the Obama campaign to do something similar. It’s a long read, but well worth it.

In some ways, Romney seems even scarier, not as bombastic perhaps; just far more predatory in worse ways than sudden annihilation from a nuclear explosion. When he speaks, I don’t feel any “there” there, no real connection between him and the audience. I wonder what the people think who’ve had a chance to shake his hand and get patted on the back. Does he seem real, or is he more playing a part?

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