Now What?

The House is done with its presentation. It’s the President’s turn.

Back in October, I pulled the following, and called it the Age of Shamelessnes:

In the Age of Shamelessness, you cover all your bases in defense: we didn’t do it, fake news, but even if we did do it, it’s not a crime, OK we did it, but everybody does it and we do it all the time. You can even backtrack to saying it didn’t happen after saying you do it all the time. It can be Fake News and Totally Normal, Nothing to See Here all at once. Because the truth doesn’t actually matter. Language and rhetoric are hammers you use to bludgeon the various enemies until they stop fighting back. Trump’s Republican allies will soon enough be saying that withholding military aid until a foreign power ratfucks your political opponent so you can win an election is good and smart. Also, it never happened.

This is the Alice-down-the-Rabbit-Hole Republican fantasy world we are living in. The attempted shake down of a weaker needy nation which may indeed have failed because it came to public light, is none the less the crime of attempted bribery, and therefore impeachable.

The attack by the “Mafia Don” in the Whitehouse

In the memorandum, Trump says to Zelensky, “I would like you to find out
what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say
CrowdStrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server,
they say Ukraine has it.”

Buzzfeed on this subject:

… for CrowdStrike to make its way into the
president’s conversation with a foreign leader — and to be subject of
mainstream news articles (like the one you’re reading right now) — is
vindication of a yearslong conspiracy theory. Here’s how CrowdStrike
bubbled up from the online sludge and into the mouth of the American
president — and may become part of the impeachment investigations.

2016, the Democratic National Committee hired CrowdStrike, which is
based in Sunnyvale, California, to investigate a breach into their
servers. The cybersecurity firm concluded that Russian government–backed
hackers compromised the network, rejecting the idea that the hack was
instead carried out by a lone wolf hacker named “Guccifer 2.0.”

CrowdStrike outlined their initial findings in a June 2016 blog post: “We
observed the two Russian espionage groups compromise the same systems
and engage separately in the theft of identical credentials.”

But the minute CrowdStrike released that conclusion — a full report came in December 2016
— they became a character in a sprawling online conspiracy, which
sought to debunk the Russians’ involvement. After BuzzFeed News reported on the findings, hyperpartisan website Breitbart raised concerns, based on CrowdStrike’s financial ties with Google.

That planted the seeds of doubt.

most commonly used 4chan archive, 4plebs, which doesn’t include
everything due to threads 404ing and disappearing, lists March 2017 as the earliest mention of CrowdStrike on the site.

did /pol/ spin the whole Trump under FBI investigation and the FBI and
DoJ saying that Obama didn’t wiretap Trump,” one user asks.

user responds with a timeline titled “Russia could not have been the
source of leaked Democrat emails released by Wikileaks. Please read.”
The user writes, “[The DNC’s] entire narrative around Russia has been
fictionalized with the help of the CrowdStrike private cybersecurity company.”True? Fantasy? Wishful thinking? There’s more, and it gets wierder and wierder. See the Buzzfeed piece.

There’s something about using the Internet that seems to make some people who might be lovers of casual gossip in their own neighborhoods dig for the slightest crumb that fits their preconceived idea of a dog-eat-dog world of chaos where the only certainly is that the rest of the world is “out to get them”. It turns people mean and vicious. It’s not just the Internet, either, although its reputation for bestowing anonymity on users certainly encourages nasty talk.
Question from listening to Trump’s lawyers: Does the House have to pass an enabling resolution before beginning an impeachment inquiry? This info from Wikipedia appears to say “yes”, but that goes against what’s said in the Congressional Research Service report of October 2015. their answer is “no”.
We are throwing away our freedom, our democracy, if we continue to allow the Republicans and Trump to do whatever they want no matter the legalities, the cruelties to the weak and needy, or the real risk of ending up as the 4th Reich.
I want whatever protesters are standing around in Washington to confront each and every Republican Senator with the one word “SHAME!”.

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