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And Now?

Stonewalled by Trump, out numbered by McConnell, we’re staring Defeat in the face. If only there was a Democrat in the race for President who could realistically defeat Trump in November 2020. Since it worked the first time, he will undoubtedly cheat again somehow. Yet that is all that’s left. After Iowa, that’s not a very appealing idea.

Bernie Sanders strikes me as another angry old man, his “socialist” proposals like pie in the sky idealism. Biden appears to be a ghost of himself, not at all the “savior” he was promoted to be. Mayor Pete seems so far to be smart and likeable, but his life style may be a turnoff for many, and Elizabeth Warren may remind too many of the school teacher she used to be. The Democrats are a diverse lot. but all those folks are white. Why didn’t Harris and Booker gain enough support to stay in the race? Castro would have been an excellent candidate with party support. The party lost its chance to display its diversity, and to give its voters a real choice.

How is it fair for the Socialist to run as a Democrat? Doesn’t he pull funds and support away from the other candidates? I really don’t want to see Amy or Chang chewed up by lying, cheating, dirty player Trump.

So much for Friday Gloom.