The boy prince:

Read this:

He says he’s read 25 books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Really? And arrogantly blames the Palestinians for their troubles. Married to the daughter of the “President”, he seems to think he can pontificate with little knowledge and expect to be taken seriously.

Mr. Kushner, go live with a Palestinian family in the Gaza strip for a year and learn to speak arabic as well as hebrew. Let them teach you what it is really like to live in an open air prison. Give up your income for a month or so. Go through the daily grind of trying to feed your family, find medical care, evade the Israeli bombs, visit relatives in the West Bank and deal somehow with the Israeli police.. Ask your grandparents or other elders what it was like to live in the Warsaw Ghetto. Then you will have some idea of what the Palestinians go through every minute of their lives. Your entitled arrogance will do nothing but more harm. Read the Lemon Tree.

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